16 July 2011


found me a big girl job involving formal business attire and the mentally ill population. this is a dream situation for me considering i am two months out of college. however, i have yet to be able to fully bask in its dreaminess because i am distracted by the looming stress of finding a place to live by august 1 (two weeks.) sigh. the madness continues.

14 July 2011

the time has come

Everyone who didn't dive into Harry Potter's journey has rude things to say about the hype. However, those of us who did grow up along with him and imagine our second selves casting spells and traipsing the halls of Hogwarts know better. Fellow fans may try and disqualify me from true fan-ship for not standing in a 3 hour line and seeing this monumental ending at the strike of midnight, but can't a girl just try avoid the lines and the congestion? I'll be seeing it this weekend, knowing full well the importance of Ron, Hermione, and Harry to my upbringing. It's so bittersweet.