14 May 2011

ladybug hope

For whatever reason, a ladybug landing in my presence has always symbolized hope and freedom for me. As a child, a ladybug landing on me or around me was a moment where time stopped and I gasped and held my breath all in one. Recently, a ladybug landed on my windshield as I was driving home feeling like I might drown in the stresses of life. It gave me the same exact reaction that childhood Brittany would have experienced, except also came with teary eyes and a smile - feeling like this was a moment that a higher power was telling me to breathe and have hope. It's honestly kind of disappointing to google image ladybugs. They don't look nearly as wonderful in photos to me as they do when they show up in the flesh at just the right moment. I wonder if ladybugs have this same effect on everyone, or if everyone else just has their own version of my ladybug hope.

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