14 April 2011

your love

Today on the way to work, I was thinking about that phrase that I feel as though I've heard alot: "No one can love you enough for you to love yourself." And though I love this in idea, and think that to some degree this may be true, I can't help but challenge it based on my own experience. Sometimes, it is those certain people in your life continuously showing you that you are worth being loved; unconditionally, without abandon, and persistently, that ultimately help us learn to love ourselves. Sure, there are a lot of fucked up things that this world as a whole tries to tell us. So, to give the world complete credence might just as well leave us feeling worthless. (ie: sexism) However, it is those special individual relationships that cross the barriers of society's whisper and show me on an intimate level that I can be loved. And not only that, I am worth it. To some one. To some few. And for this, I thank my mom and my dad. I thank them for loving me unconditionally through the disrespect and the disagreements. I thank my House of Love women and man, that have truly seen me at my worst; for being there through the tears and the shame and the disapointments, and reminding me that I am still powerful and brave. I thank Tim, for fighting for me when I had lost hope that anyone fought for anyone anymore. All of you, have helped me learn how to love myself.


  1. this is beautiful, just like you DUH

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