23 February 2011

change of plans

After a day of moping over grad school rejection and my plan A being thwarted, I have begun the process of making personalized cover letters and selling myself to social work agencies in Southern California. I realize that I've just entered into a whole new realm of potential for plenty of rejection, but overall, plan B is starting to look a lot more exciting than another year of school.


  1. hi baby girl.
    from one social worker to another (which is a love that binds us so wonderfully!!) i just want you to know that taking a little year off from school and getting that case management experience will be so great for when you go back for your MSW (i'm assuming). i really value my year of work experience and feel like its allowed me to be a better MSW student.

    you'll knock em' dead beauty!
    love love.

    Priscella Klock (previously known as Jaen) :D

  2. thanks priscella, that means alot and is really encouraging!! what is your job/internship now?

  3. i just found this little comment.
    mi mal.

    i am interning at the Center for Social Policy and Community Development in Philadelphia, PA at Temple University.
    i'm graduating from Temple this may as well with my MSW.
    right after undergad i had a job within a week so i decided to go to school part time for my MSW; once i had to do my internship i had to leave my agency. that was sad for a moment because i loved my coworkers but also really great because the agency really was pointless as far as adhering to their mission.
    even after a little over a year of being a case manager it reinforced my love for advocacy and community work and allowed me to understand the system in a way i never could have imagined (which will never happen at an internship).

    i don't know if you want to focus on clinical or macro or community work, but whatever you do, i think feeling out the corruption of the government will get that social work flame burning in a way that will make you really good at not giving up hope on our profession (its so easy to).

    i was shocked and disappointed when i started working that not all social workers actually care about the well being of others. i hope you aren't and that you find a great agency (or start your own) that actually is making a legitimate difference with people who really believe in social change.

  4. oh yes! i actually spent a semester away doing a program through my school called LA Term. Its an urban emmersion program where you live with a family of a lower SES than you, youre not allowed to have a car (pub trans only), have an internship (mine was at Aids Project Los Angeles), and take classes (urban exploration, urban religious movements, immigrant los angeles, and community organization and social change. Bottomline, it definately has been studying systemic oppression and the structural injustices of this world that have more firmly founded my passion for social work!! totally agree. and yes unfortunately, i have seen the side of social work that is heinous and heartless and thus in my mind, essentially pointless. but ive also had the chance to intern with beautiful people that give me hope for social work. im currently doing case-management with domestic violence victims. i am primarily interested in doing micro social work, but i foresee aiming to be involved in macro stuff more on a volunteer basis throughout my life because of the importance i realize it has to the bigger picture.
    its so cool to hear about your passions and your path thus far!! especially considering i havent seen you in probably 7/8 years?? craaazy. thanks for the insight, girl!

  5. omg. LA Term & Aids Project sound too lovely! what a great opportunity you had with meeting different people and great social workers.
    i think that understanding that systemic oppression is vital for us to actually do our jobs, and do them well for that matter.
    are you enjoying your internship now?

    yes, it is very cool to hear about each others lives now after about 7/8 years of silence :) life is crazy, but oh so good.
    i feel really thankful to hear that you are a part of the occupation that wants to create and pursue change. as much as i am done with social work so many times, i know that when it is done well, its too great to let go of. john and i are planning on starting our own agency somewhere in LA with a couple of great friends alongside and we're pretty passionate about doing it well.
    maybe we'll see you around :)

  6. Ohh!! When it starts up do tell me all about it!! See you in the LA area eventually :)