30 January 2011

10 January 2011

on being tall


recently i read through my blog from start to finish, and was flooded with the emotions i felt throughout those times. it's been almost two years since i started this blog, and so much has happened in that time. in reading my blog-past, i was stunned with how evident my inner-growth really was- how much i had evolved in that time, and how different of a person i felt sitting here, now. whether or not this is apparent to an outsider reading my blog history is questionable, but obviously for myself reading this history - i understand the context of each and every entry.

2010 was a year of drastic change. i learned how to like myself, i moved on from a huge chunk of my past, i began a rocky journey with someone new and special, i moved into a new and improved house of love (with wood floors and less clutter), i became a little better with time management and healthy bedtimes (save this christmas break), i discovered the monumental importance of steinbeck and rilke, started my internship with santa anita family services, made new friends, saw friends get married, watched friends grow up and disperse, learned a little bit better the art of letting go, learned how to love my alone time, became a better daughter and sister, and hopefully a better roommate. 2010 started in quite a low place, but catapulted itself into joy and positive evolution. i am thankful for this past year.

2011 brings with it incredible amounts of change - 90% of which are still unknown to me. i do know, that i will be graduating from my undergraduate career in May. the fact that what lies beyond May is ambiguous and bursting with possibility, makes me want to squeal with excitement. i just hope whatever awaits me is some sort of adventure. that's all i can hope for. and life never really fails to be some variation of an adventure as long as you are open for it, so all i can do is anticipate!

here is to the unknown, the ambiguous, the present, the future, and embracing the adventure that will be 2011!