04 December 2010

Need some Productive Distraction?

I know I do, amidst all of the chaos of life and papers and finals and work. Check out Andy Michelson's new website! All of his amazing artwork is up from screenprints to photos to sketches. The shop will up soon as well, and I'm looking forward to buying this shirt:
Also, we are in the midst of the 8 days of Hannukuh celebration. I do have Jewish roots however, I would never claim myself as Jewish beyond heritage (though I wish I could). Regardless, Hannukuh-celebrating or not - anyone can appreciate this dreamy acapella video. It's definately a youtube hit:

Also, I can't forget to mention the mind-blowing craftiness that are my friends Rachael & Amy, both of whom are now proud Etsy shop owners!! Check their blog to get those links. I lust for the time and creativity to do what these women do.

Okay, no more time for distractions. Off I go to write some papers.

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