20 December 2010

love is in the water drops

Green needles,
Sparkling with water drops
And a street lamp glow.
I inhale and I wonder about
How Shug Avery told her and
Told me that not fixating on
What god looks like, frees us.

I'm seeing God in those sparkles
And I begin to feel something
Inside of me unfolding.

Love can be so illusive,
And just when I think I'm sure that
I know how to love,
Im reminded how often
People are just things,
How often we dehumanize one another.

How often I avoid your eyes
And how often our interactions
Are merely transactions
And you and you are nameless to me,
And you serve this purpose,
And you serve this purpose,
And on and on.

How deeply I have to dig
To uncover what I am learning is a true love,
A love that spills and bubbles
Without expectation of return,
Without exchange.
A love that remembers your name,
That holds your eye gaze,
And that isn't afraid to touch.

A love that is in the sparkling waterdrops,
Because love is god and god is in those drops.
A love that is in the little things and the little moments,

Something I told her while her hopeless, sparkling teardrops
Shimmied down the star tattoos on her neck,
And something that I have yet to
Learn how to exercise myself.

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