27 August 2010

astrologize me!

"The Leo female makes sure of one thing: She will be utterly free to express herself however, whenever, & to whatever degree she sees fit." Legit astrology research has been happening in this house as of late. The Leo female is the intertwining of both the Greek goddess Artemis, the Huntress, and Hestia, the goddess of the Hearth. I am fascinated with both of these women.

19 August 2010


My friends got married and it was a magical night that feels like a dream. It went by too fast and I think about it and want to rewind time. I also turned 21, and was asked to be a godmother. Time is moving too fast and it scares me. Growing up, growing up, growing up - this seems to be the theme of life as of late. The reminder is constantly being shoved in my face. All of that to say, I'm in a really great place. The last week I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the people and the love that I am surrounded by. Thanks, god.

14 August 2010

grow up

     Tomorrow/today two of my beautiful friends get married. It's all happening. Our family gets a chance to reunite for 24 hours, two of whom will be tying the knot and moving into a completely new chapter of their lives. They will move and everyone will drive back to their new homes in different cities and states.
     It's weird, this growing up shit. You make a new family in college and then that family disperses to make new families; biological and not biological. It's like I've said before. Life is full of little lifetimes, smashed together. Everything is changing and moving on and moving away. It is beautiful, and heart wrenching all in one.
     I'll never forget the time we all spent together living in Azusa, just a few streets away from one another; dropping in unannounced, and accidentally taking all of it for granted. It's all happening. It is beautiful, and it is heart wrenching.
     And now to go celebrate one of the most beautiful romantic relationships I've been lucky enough to watch and know. Cheers!