22 June 2010

dumpster memories

there are two trashbags full of memories ive decided i dont need anymore. you might say, "well, theyre still stored in your head." and then i'd tell you that ive realized while sifting through all of this shit, how much doesn't actually stick. how many experiences we have that actually just dissappear forever. and this i think was my point in saving countless ticket stubs and pamphlets and notes and photos. and as disturbing to me as it is that we can soak in moments as willfully as possible and yet they can still vanish from our grasp without any permission... i think it would be too draining to have really retained all of it. and i think that's why there are now two trashbags waiting for the dump. thats at least how i justify the act of throwing away countless moments. i wonder who will find them and what they'll think of me.

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