03 May 2010


Please read this article with an open mind! I would encourage you to lay back and allow yourself to completely re-imagine your own version of a justice system, completely separate from that which we have been conditioned to believe and assume is necessary in this country (strongly punitive and inhumane.) In doing so myself, I find myself coming up with exciting ideas that sound too fantastical to really work... and more importantly, ever be accepted by a majority. And then I read this article, and I saw a glimmer of hope. The best part is that these seemingly fantastical systems are being put to the test, and passing passing passing. Imagination, creativity, and love are the answer to our problems! I knew it! Call me an idealist, I DGAF (i love this acronym and always forget to use it).

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  1. this is fascinating, britt! thanks so much for sharing. :)