30 May 2010


so much happened over the last few weeks that i think we all reached a new level of closeness. and now everyone is gone. i have battle wounds and dirty feet and my heart is aching.

18 May 2010

My heart is my badge. This is my best and worst quality. It is too easy access. I need to hide it better.

11 May 2010


Is it worth it to put your heart through the ringer for the sake of the moment? This is the question I've found myself asking a lot over the last few days. You would think after everything, I wouldn't wear my heart on my sleeve anymore and I'd be some variation of a hardened mystery. But to no avail. Being a hopeless romantic and trying to protect one's self at the same time has proven to be somewhat of a giant contradiction. I guess this is what life is about; moments and falling and getting up again, and figuring out what's worth it and what isn't. Whether or not you can even figure that out without taking the plunge is the real question, I suppose.

03 May 2010


Please read this article with an open mind! I would encourage you to lay back and allow yourself to completely re-imagine your own version of a justice system, completely separate from that which we have been conditioned to believe and assume is necessary in this country (strongly punitive and inhumane.) In doing so myself, I find myself coming up with exciting ideas that sound too fantastical to really work... and more importantly, ever be accepted by a majority. And then I read this article, and I saw a glimmer of hope. The best part is that these seemingly fantastical systems are being put to the test, and passing passing passing. Imagination, creativity, and love are the answer to our problems! I knew it! Call me an idealist, I DGAF (i love this acronym and always forget to use it).

02 May 2010


i am thankful for all of the amazing people i have in my life. i am incredibly lucky. this weekend was wonderful. four more days, and junior year of college is over. wow.