23 February 2010


"Patriarchal society is a dysfunctional system that mirrors the dysfunctional nuclear family. That is, severe abuse in the family continues because the family members learn to regard it as 'normal.'"
- Andrea Smith

"Dysfunctional systems are often maintained through systematic denial, a failure or inability to see the reality of a situation. This denial need not be conscious, intentional, or malicious; it only needs to be pervasive to be effective."
- Karen Warren

Go read Conquest.

16 February 2010

if only we could fly!


I love these photos. 

15 February 2010

updating you

Whip It.

Never stop listening to:
Noah and the Whale's 'Peaceful the World Lays Me Down' album.
Beyonce's 'I Am Sasha Fierce' album.

Privilege, Power, and Difference

I just hiked Garcia trail for the first time after 3 years of living in Azusa. I feel accomplished and also late to jump on the train. I'm listening to Passion Pit for the first time and think it's good dancing, showering, and cleaning music. I also jumped on that train late. I'm determined to start fostering friendships that I've always held at a distance, and leave Azusa for adventures more often. I've felt studious lately but that has also left me feeling overwhelmed and hermit-like. I think I've gotten pickier with who I really want and need in my life, but I think in the big scheme of things it's going to be really beneficial for me. 

Good thing she's my roommate. That's all for now.

11 February 2010

i need a lighter

people's ignorance and hatred and unwillingness to see the importance of seeing into people souls and not the way they may or may not have sex is making me hurt. the past two days have been heavy and i feel the weight of the world and that light called hope is almost burnt out right now, but i trust that it will flicker again soon. the house of love has had a hard week or two and i think we all feel heavy together. i think we will all pick each other up again, hopefully with the help of mackenzie's good vibes flying to us from kathmandu. sometimes, you have to let yourself share your friends' pain. it makes you more human and it teaches you what it means to love deeper.