26 November 2009

full of thanks in full

thankful for my beautiful family and my beautiful extended family in azusa and cheyenne and the house of love and our back porch and thankful for growing pains and thankful for being lucky enough to have experienced being in love and thankful for learning and education and thankful for singalongs and thankful for our pillowtalk and thankful for food and also thankful for people in my life that challenge me and thankful for 2009 and thankful that 2009 is almost over. thankful that god listens.

25 November 2009

la la la

fighting, fighting, fighting the urge to treat this break like Christmas break and like there are no heinous lingering deadlines! it's proving really hard. I've only been home 3 hours and I want to act like the rest of the world doesn't exist.

23 November 2009


1. New Brother song- myspace.com/thebrothercircus
2. Regina Spektor- ' Laughing With'
3. soulpancake.com
4. Spring Awakening (I think I am addicted. the 3rd time around was just as impacting.)

I feel peace in spite of all of the things I have to do in the next few weeks. Christmas break has never looked so good. I need some change of scenery. San Francisco is lookin like the plan for New Years with friends, which will be great because I'll already be up there for Christmas. I can't wait. In the mean time, I am perpetually playing catch-up between all of my classes and work and keeping in touch with all the people that I love.
I am in denial that Mackenzie will be gone next semester. My meetings with Evelynn are are ending soon, which makes me incredibly sad. I'm mostly in denial about that too.

19 November 2009

lifes a tickin'

Dan taught me how to play scrabble and I successfully studied for that midterm of death and I saw the first meteor I've ever seen blast through the air ocean with some of the people I love most and I'm accepting and dreaming and the possibilities seem endless and Chris reminds me that we all have a time limit on our life and then I realize that I'm in a hurry to get all the things done before my timer goes off.  Tick Tick Tick, Think, Do, Tick, Do, Regress, Tick, Jump, Love, Tick Tick I have to ignore the timer or my mind will spiral out of control. I read people my poems for the first time and I'm singing alot and making lists and I think all of this means that I'm growing.