30 September 2009

recent events

1. poetry reading
2. house broken into, laptop and ipod stolen
3. self-loathing
4. self-evaluation
5. new beginnings
6. being truly broke
7. new avett brothers cd
8. overwhelming workload with classes
9. starting my meetings with evelyn at the nursing home
10. bon iver sunrise show- pure bliss
11. edward sharpe for free in venice beach

much has happened in one week. went from major high to low to high. i think the rollercoaster is smoothing out however, and some major self-evaluation is helping me to re-focus my priorities and my heart. classes are overwhelming but i love them. bon iver was the first spiritual experience i have had in a long while. i am exhausted, but in a mostly good way. house of love needs to dumpster dive stat, i have no money and no food. things have a way of working themselves out. its nice to be able to count on that.

13 September 2009


1. Dumpster diving; our kitchen is now OVERFLOWING with food thanks to Trader Joes' wasteful ways.
2. The Harlem Shakes
3. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
4. Adele
5. The Bell Jar
6. Pilates on Sundays with all 7 roommates.
7. Shift Artist Collective show tonight at El Cid's at 9 o'clock.