19 June 2009

that is all

Hmm... so I've gone from 40 hours a week to a good 7 1/2 hours in a week in a matter of two days. The shit just keeps hitting the fan. And once again I am thrown back into what I thought I was done with for a long while, applying for jobs at the worst possible time. Bah! How will I pay rent? That is the question on repeat in my mind.
Our house has cockroaches and needs repairs, and yet I still look forward to coming home to it each day. Sixty Six was a beautiful movie. I have a pop mix that I have been listening to on repeat. I washed my car. The sun is coming out and I'm waking up sweaty every morning. Roommate dance parties have become an almost daily ritual. My laptop's life is waning slowly...
That is all.

07 June 2009

grind through

everything slows down again and immediately sad smacks me in the face. i love distraction, but i hate when the distraction fizzles and i realize that all it was was distraction. trying to let go for my own sanity, but finding that concept something difficult to wrap my mind around.
UP was a beautiful movie and made me cry. my friends are beautiful and i love seeing them on the daily. bon iver is beautiful and is my comfort music, as well as my wallowing music. back to work in 14 hours for a full week of 40 hour office grind.

03 June 2009

mi casa es su casa

I love my roomies. I love my transformed abode. Come one, come all; EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

oh and i got a full time job. that's a load off. i start tomorrow.